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1) What is is a directory & repository of favicons from Websites.

2) What is a favicon?
A favicon is small and custom favorite icon associated with a particular website.

Read more about in Wikipedia – Más información en Wikipedia

3) How you organized the favicons?
Lets make this fun… We have three categories defined by the Favicon Design.

4) What is “Symbols”?
Symbols is for all favicons based an abstract design.

5) What is “Letters”?
Symbols is for all favicons based an letter design.

6) What is “Species”?
Species is for all favicons based an human, animal or monster design.

7) Why should I add my favicon to
√ Show your cool favicon!
√ Redirect traffic to your website.
√ Improve your SEO.

8) How can I submit the favicon of my website?
Please, go to Submit Page and find the form.

9) What is “External Link in Title”?
The Favicon will have a link to it website in the Title.

10) What is “Marked as Featured”?
The Favicon will have more exposure, views and visit.

11) What is “Shared in Social Networks”?
The Favicon will be shared in ours Facebook and Twitter.

12) What kind of favicons are accepted? reserved all the rights to check and approved/reject any submit.

13) How many Favicon can I submit?
As many as you want.

14) What means one “LifeTime” payment?
You will only pay one time for your favicon submission.

15) How can I update the info of my favicon?
You can update one favicon for $25 in Update Page

16) How can I send a request to remove a favicon?
You can contact us to any request with the form located in this page.

17) Why a favicon is not anymore in
Many reasons, but for sure it is an infraction of our terms… you can send us a email.

18) What do you do to promote your website and the listings?
We do SEO as Advertising, Post Reviews and Partner Collaborations.

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