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History of Favicon

In March 1999, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 5, which supported favicons for the first time.

Originally, the favicon was a file called favicon.ico placed in the root directory (e.g., of a web site. It was used in Internet Explorer’s favorites and next to the URL in the address bar if the page was bookmarked. A side effect was that the number of visitors who have bookmarked the page could be estimated by the requests of the favicon. This side effect no longer works, as all modern browsers load the favicon file to display in their web address bar, regardless of whether the site is bookmarked. – Wikipedia has 142 favicons collected for the Worldwide Favicon Collection.

What is A Favicon?

A favicon (short for favorite icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon or bookmark icon is a file containing one small image associated with a particular website.

About Favicones

Examples of Favicons:

“Favicon is a Favorite Icon associated with a particular website located on the browser nav bar”

Why a Favicon is important for a Website?

As a result if a website does use a favicon, it makes it all the more easier and quicker to look through a list of bookmarks and find then one that you’re looking for, because your eye will notice the colorful favicons before it does the text of each bookmark’s name and the blank icons surrounding it.

Where is the Favicon displayed in a Website?

1.- On the URL in the address bar

Favicon on the URL Address Bar

2.- In the Page Title in those browsers that have tabbed browsing.

Favicones Nav Bar

3.- At the Website’s name in a list of bookmarks o favorite links.

Favicon on Website bookmarks

What is the type file of a Favicon?

Favicon .ico is the main type of favicon standard format, however the new versions of browsers can support the follow extension: PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG.


In 2003, the .ico format was registered by a third party with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) under the MIME type image.

What is the size of a Favicon?

A Favicon can be recognized and created by 4 dimensions:

Favicones faviconFavicones Favicon in 16×16 pixels

32x32 pixels Favicones favicon

Favicones Favicon in 32×32 pixels

48x48 pixels Favicones Favicon

Favicones Favicon in 48×48 pixels

64x64 pixels Favicones Favicon

Favicones Favicon in 64×64 pixels